Projects/ Memorabilia


A connection between public and history, beauty and death

During his research visit to the Netherlands in June 2016, Agung Kurniawan was deeply fascinated by the illustration of a book titled ‘The Aceh Ties’ in the collection of the Brondbeek War Museum in Arnhem. The book contains a manual or instructions on how to tie up Acehnese captive rebels and prisoners with ropes. Having gathered information about how the colonial history has been almost neglected in the life of contemporary Dutch people, he initiates an idea to revive the story in the form of memorabilia. As an artist, Kurniawan himself has a big penchant for drawings; he redrew some of the illustrations and converted them into some colored brass pins. This work also incorporates a performance in which people are asked to put on these pins onto a pair of black headdress as an act of remembrance. It is an attempt to revive the memory of colonial violence in a manner that may cause mixed feelings and interesting reactions.