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Counter Memory 010

About identity, history and memory

Counter Memory 010, a new chapter in the ongoing project Counter Memory, continues to focus on historical atrocities in Aceh and the traumatic legacy it left on local communal memory and the descendants of the victims. The artists seek to address the general absence of these historical events in contemporary public memory, whether Dutch or Indonesian, and how this has perpetuated a historical narrative that identifies rather with victimhood than with agents having perpetrated extreme violence.

The artists made a number of follow-up field visits to explore the possibility of collaborating with local actors to construct a community monument that acknowledges local identities through commemoration, as well as spatially solidifying a structure that forms an undeniable Counter Memory to an incomplete Dutch historical identity, and effectively an incomplete sense of home.

The work consists of a combination of film/documentary, covered by Trino-Molenkamp. Thus the entire process behind this facilitating engagement is documented and presented in turn in documentary form as an installation.