Artists/ Prunk


Prunk, emerging star at all the leading festivals in The Netherlands and at international gigs all over the world.

Prunk is what you call a busy bee. With a packed agenda, producing music, setting up his label PIV and organizing PIV club nights, you wonder if this guy still has time to sleep.

He is a resident DJ for major Dutch festivals DGTL and Straf_Werk while also being a part of the Deep House Amsterdam crew. His PIV club nights at Chicago Social Club and De Marktkantine are always packed and he also fids time to do one-off PIV nights on Malta too. 

His label PIV records has been up and running since 2015 and has seen a steady flow of releases since. Artists like Roland Nights, Chris Stussy and Yusuke Yamamoto have all released on Prunk’s imprint. And there’s more releases coming up in 2016. 

If this weren’t enough Prunk also released ‘The Machine’, together with Chris Stussy, on New York’s notorious label ‘Nervous Records’, an EP on ‘Moulton’ and an EP on London based ‘Innercity Records’. After hearing Prunk’s tracks, singer Alex Mills (known for the vocals on Miguel Campbell’s ‘Something special’) contacted him. They are working on a track in the studio as we speak. Recent additions to his discography are: a release on Electronique, City Soul, a track on Defected in the House Ibiza 2016 and a remix by Ben Pearce on King Street Sounds. 

In the past two years, Prunk has been a firm fixture at all the leading festivals in The Netherlands. While he also enjoyed playing international gigs in Ibiza (Space), New York, Russia, Spain, Brazil, Amman and Belgium. Make sure to catch Prunk at one of these places.