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Anton Wirjono

Anton Wirjono, one of the top dj’s in Indonesia and founding father of Indonesia's Dance scene.

Picked out as dj for his boarding school dance at the age of 12, Anton Wirjono has become one of Indonesia’s most demanded djs. MTV Trax Magazine voted him in 2002 as one of “10 people with a Midas Touch in Entertainment”. He is now one of the top dj’s in Indonesia and also runs the Future10 Productions, a company that has the strongest brands in the business: Jakarta Movement, The Junction Festival Bali, Back In The Days, Turn On Plastic, Agrikulture (live electronic band). All these have won multiple awards. Anton has also won a few awards as a dj including Ravelex’s House Dj Of The Year 2005, Paranoia’s Milestone Award in 2007 and REDMA’s Milestone Award 2008.

In Anton Wirjono you will find a person that is committed, passionate and always forward thinking. Anton was inspired by the early warehouse and outdoor party days in the early nineties in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he dj’d for legendary underground parties such as The Gathering & Basics, playing with djs such as Doc Martin, Jeno, Evil Eddie Richards and others. Upon returning to Indonesia in 1994, he was on a mission to develop the local scene and make it into something unique. Started with the seminal underground Future parties at Parkit, then the massive nights at Bengkel Nightpark to the ultra modern Turn On Plastic nights, to the reminiscent Back In The Days night. Anton’s hard work and remarkable talent gave Indonesia the essential starting point back then to the reference now of great musical experience through amazing events. 

His work is still on going, pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable yet always making it accessible, whether it is in the music or the events. Always sticking true to the underground. He has been trusted recently to open for djs as Louie Vega, Carl Craig, Ame, David Guetta, Frankie Knuckles and more. There is no sign of stopping…