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Rethinking HOME

september 11 2016

16:00 Opening exhibition at Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam

Q: “What is a home for you? Your house? Your family? The city where you live? Your country? The country of your ancestors? The future?”

A: “We think all and none of the above. Home is just a luminous space for the wandering spirit.”

Rethinking HOME is an art project which explores the notion of ‘home’ within the contexts of space and time. In January 2015, five artists from Indonesia and six from The Netherlands agreed to explore a way to work together and present a bilateral exhibition. The project emphasizes the method of production through dialogue and working in a different environment.

Sponsored by vfonds. Onze activiteiten worden mede mogelijk gemaakt door het vfonds met middelen uit de Nationale Postcode Loterij en de BankGiro Loterij. Uw deelname aan deze loterij wordt daarom van harte aanbevolen.

Rethinking HOME proposes a curatorial scenario that explores the possibilities to develop an art project as a ‘social laboratory’. Paired and match-made by the curators, all the artists were required to conduct a research in their counterpart’s country to acquaint themselves with each other’s ideas, working processes and findings. Drawing their ideas from different sources, they have ended-up working on the notion of ‘home’ as a doorway to discuss identities, sense of place and, most prominently, the historical ties between the two countries. This also gives way to discussion about colonialization, migration, heritage, politics, memories and other personal stories.

The exhibition at Nieuw Dakota thus becomes a coalitional space, which reflects how the different notions of ‘home’ have driven the artists to negotiate and re-negotiate the sense of connection with a particular place of belonging.

Participating artists: Ade Darmawan, Agung Kurniawan, FX Harsono, Prilla Tania, Tintin Wulia (ID); Jennifer Tee, Kaleb de Groot & Iben Trino-Molenkamp, Kevin van Braak, Naro Snackey, Tiong Ang (NL).

Curated by: Agung Hujatnikajennong and Christine van den Bergh.

In the context of the exhibition a publication will be presented with an essay of Hendro Wiyanto.

11 September - 9 Octobre 2016.


Location: Nieuw Dakota, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41b, 1033 RC Amsterdam

Open: Wed - Fri 11 - 18 hrs, Sat & Sun 12 - 18 hrs.