Events/ Sonsbeek meets Koneksi-Connectie

Sonsbeek meets Koneksi-Connectie

juni 10 2016

Artist talk 2 at Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

transACTION and Rethinking HOME: two thought provoking exhibitions with works by Dutch and Indonesian artists. The curators of the two exhibits will elaborate on both. Participating artists are: Prilla Tania, Agung Kurniawan, FX Harsono (Indonesia), Kevin van Braak and Kaleb de Groot (the Netherlands) exhibiting works in progress. During the discussion at the end, the curators and the artists together with the audience are invited to explore similarities and differences between their approaches and the two exhibitions.

As in the exhibition transACTION the central theme is exchange – between people, and people and their surroundings, Rethinking HOME also explores the theme of identity, though focussing specifically on the Netherlands and Indonesia.

transACTION is part of SONSBEEK'16. Rethinking HOME is one of the initiatives of Koneksi-Connectie, with more events following later this year. Rethinking HOME exhibits new work by Dutch and Indonesian contemporary artists, who explore the connotations of HOME during residencies in each other’s countries.

Talk of the Indonesian curators Ade Darmawan and Agung Hujatnikajennong and participating artists: Prilla Tania, Agung Kurniawan, FX Harsono and Kaleb de Groot.