Koneksi-Connectie 2016 is an art event that will seek new insights into both modern-day Dutch and Indonesian societies. It aims to do this from the perspectives of a select group of visual artists and DJs, through the exploration of their personal connections with each other’s countries and societies. What do we find when we search for these connections? This question is central and will be explored both at the exhibition titled Rethinking HOME on September 11, 2016 and in the Koneksi-Connectie  ADE Special on October 21, 2016, during Amsterdam Dance Event. For both projects, all artists and DJs have been selected based on the themes surrounding their works: heritage, identity, authenticity, history, movement/migration/borders and memories.

Koneksi-Connectie 2016 is the first event organized by Stichting Tastbaar Verleden / Foundation Tangible Past, founded in 2012 by Marga Bosch and Ingrid Oud.

The boardmembers are Kris Schiermeier, Hans Goedkoop and Hans van den Akker.